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Starting a 501c3

Starting a 501c3

With All The Need In The World, Why Isn’t Everyone Starting a 501c3?

Have you ever wondered why more people aren’t starting a 501c3? Since nonprofits are many times the entities in the world that do the greatest good, why are not more people involved with them? Many times when you hear a heartfelt story of something good that happened in the world, chances are a nonprofit is behind it. Then, why don’t more people begin starting a 501c3 instead of working in the profit sector? Read on and I will share the reason.


Thousand around the world have great ideas and hard to do nonprofit work but many find that starting a 501c3 or finding a job in existing nonprofit is challenging. Finding work in existing nonprofits can be challenging simply because many nonprofits are underfunded. Those starting a 501c3 of their own are suddenly faced with three challenges that seem to dash their dreams. The biggest challenge is starting a 501c3 in an affordable manner, then learning to fund the nonprofit with a sustainable donor base, and gaining the knowledge for the continued successful operation of the nonprofit.

Starting a 501c3 Can Be Daunting

Starting a 501c3 from scratch can be a daunting task. In addition, information guiding an individual through the creation of a nonprofit is scarce. For many years after starting a nonprofit myself and having great success running it, friends, family and others repeatedly asked me for advice on how they too could easily start a nonprofit and and run it successfully.


I have concluded from years of helping individuals start a 501c3 of their own that many times the challenge of starting a 501c3 proves to be too difficult. Thus, fewer people start nonprofits simply because of the lack of help. That is a tragedy since the amount of work that is nonprofit related continues to grow at an alarming rate. Now more than ever are those drawn to nonprofit work needed.


Many become discouraged to quickly. From my own personal experience, when I tried to create anything worthwhile, I have been faced with challenges. I viewed the challenges as fuel to spur me on to success. Now when looking back at the challenges, at the good they created, they serve as constant reminders to never give up.


If something is important enough then nothing will deter a person’s drive to succeed. Given the choice of creating something that is basically meaningless but yet easy to create, or starting a 501c3 that changes the world and is a monumental task, I will choose the latter every time.

Don’t Lose Heart Starting a 501c3

Perhaps a fear of failure plague many who begin starting a nonprofit and are faced with challenges or influenced by non-supportive friends or colleagues. Disregard others if you want to change the world to be a better place. If you are one who is inspired to change the world through nonprofit work, I bid you join us in the quest. Nothing will thrill your soul more than helping those who cannot help themselves.  There is quick and easy help in starting a 501c3 here on this web site at “How to Get Started.”  I would enjoy helping you in starting a 501c3 that changes the world.

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