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For over 15 years we have helped thousands easily start a nonprofit, learn to fund it and run it successfully. Now, its your turn, download the bundle to start a nonprofit today.

Easy Help to Start a Nonprofit

I believe that anyone can start a nonprofit and run it successfully.  Through helping thousands all over the world learn how to start a nonprofit, fund and run successful nonprofits we can make the world a much better place.  Launching and starting a nonprofit is not very tough at all.  With a little help from this web site, you can start a nonprofit and have it running in a few days.  That will have your legal entity set up and allow you to start doing charitable work.  You will most likely want to continue on to getting your tax exempt 501c3 which will allow you to take tax-deductible donations.

Because I believe in nonprofits and the good they do I spend most of my time helping others learn the steps to start a nonprofit by creating, funding and running nonprofits with good success.  This entire site is devoted to helping anyone start a nonprofit better and impact the world in a positive way.

I believe anyone can start a nonprofit and we can make a difference in the world. To make it even easier I created a resource called the NonProfit Starter Bundle. It is a step-by-step guide through the entire process to start a nonprofit quickly .  There is more information about the bundle by clicking the yellow “Give Me Access” button below. Thousands have used the bundle to start a nonprofit and you can see some of there comments on that page. Because I know the value of the bundle and the help it gives you to start a nonprofit I give you a 100% guaranteed that you will get the help you need.

The Quickest Option to Start a Nonprofit

Over the last 15 years I have helped thousands of individuals get the information and knowledge they needed to start a nonprofit while helping them launch, fund, and run successful nonprofits.  I like to be there in their corner and help them through the process.  To help make the process to start a nonprofit easy, I developed a bundle of resources called the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle.  I developed the bundle with people like you in mind who want to start a nonprofit quickly and fund it so they can get busy doing work.  Downloading the bundle will put you on the fast track to start a nonprofit, fund and run it successfully with step-by-step guidance and knowledge.

  • INCLUDED! One-On-One Help
    to Walk You Through The Process
  • INCLUDED! Answers to Your Questions
    All Your Questions Answered By An Expert
  • INCLUDED! Tons of Resources
    Handy Checklists, Worksheets, and Lists of Resources
  • INCLUDED! Step-By-Step
    All of The Phases of Creating & Operating a Nonprofit
  • INCLUDED! Super Quick
    The Quickest Way to Have a 501c3  Nonprofit Launched
  • INCLUDED! 6 Complete Resources
    PLUS 3 Manuals and Live Help
  • INCLUDED! Simple Nonprofit Manual
    Goof-proof instructions in launching and forming a nonprofit.
  • INCLUDED! Simple Nonprofit Workbook
    Step-by-step guidance developing each part of your nonprofit.
  • INCLUDED! Simple Independent Nonprofit Manual
    All-inclusive success manual for independent nonprofits.
start a nonprofit

The Process to Start a Nonprofit Is A Bit Challenging But There Is No Reason You Should Have to Struggle Through It.

I created the Bundle above to make it quick and easy to start a nonprofit. However, should you choose not to use the bundle above, and don’t mind a much longer process, you can follow the steps below to learn how to start a nonprofit on your own without the Nonprofit Starter Bundle.  CAUTION: It is a much longer and challenging process to start a nonprofit without the bundle. Whatever tools you choose to start your nonprofit I want to see you succeed so we can change the world.

If you are going to download the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle to start a nonprofit, you don’t need to go through the rest of this page because the bundle will guide you step-by-step through the fastest way to start a nonprofit and get it set up.  However, if you decided not to download the bundle and are only interested in how to start a nonprofit by setting up an independent nonprofit you can follow the steps below.

The rest of this page below is dedicated to those who decided to start a nonprofit through Independent 501c3 paperwork and filing without help of the bundle. If you have determined that you would like Simple Nonprofit’s help to start a nonprofit with Fiscal Sponsorship go back to the top of this page and download the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle. Otherwise, follow the steps below to start a nonprofit by setting up an Independent Nonprofit.

Steps to Start a Nonprofit with Independent 501c3 Status


Determine whether you are going to set up an Independent 501c3 or a Fiscally Sponsored Nonprofit

There is two basic ways to start a nonprofit and before beginning you will need to choose a path. This article Starting a Nonprofit will give you a quick list of all the things you will need to do in setting up each.  If you would like to learn more about setting up a Fiscally Sponsored nonprofit you can find a great explanation here. Once you have decided through which means you will start a nonprofit, follow the appropriate heading below.

An Explanation of a Fiscally Sponsored Nonprofitand an Independent NonProfit

Fiscal Sponsorship
A Fiscally Sponsored nonprofit is a great way to have a tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit operational in a short time.  It provides you with the quickest way to start a nonprofit and the most support and help.  It allows you to start a nonprofit project with 501c3 tax exempt status within an already existing nonprofit. It takes about 4 weeks to start a nonprofit going this route and you only need to download a few page application found in the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle. Everything else will be handled for you.

Independent Nonprofit
It can be much more difficult and time consuming to start a nonprofit through this route and there are several lengthy steps you must follow with great detail. The first part is to set up the state incorporation.  Which you can do by filing out the IRS application and filing that with the state corporation division for the state your nonprofit will be in. Then a second step is required start a nonprofit is applying for the tax exempt status which will give you the 501c3 designation. This second step will take time filling out the form, filing the form with the IRS and then waiting sometimes 3-6 months or longer for the approval. However, with the incorporation part set up you are in business and can begin work, just not take donations that are tax exempt. Give yourself 3 to 6 months to get the Independent Nonprofit paperwork done, filed and receive your approval.

Steps to Start a Nonprofit that Is an Independent 501c3

Create and File Your Articles of Incorporation

Creating and filing the Articles of Incorporation can be as simple as choosing a name, filling in a few fields online form and submitting the form with the filing fee.  The most you will have to do if your state does not provide an online form is to create the Articles of Incorporation and then mail them along with the filing fee or delivering them by hand if you want your entity created the same day.

To find your Corporation Division in your state just go to here and find your state in the list. Click Here

Find Your State Corporation Division

Then click the link that says “State Nonprofit Corporation Filings”

You can draft Articles of Incorporation by using these examples

Apply for A Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Click Here

Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number to get the form to fill out to apply for an EIN

You can also read this page to understand the EIN and how to use it 

Publication 1635,Understanding Your EIN

Set Up Your Bank Account

Once your Articles of Incorporation are filed and your Employer Identification Number (EIN) assigned, you can take a copy of those to your local bank and open a bank account.


Once you have Articles of Incorporation filed and an EIN, your entity is legal as a corporation.
CAUTION:  There is a lot more you will need to do to establish the tax-exempt status but you have started a nonprofit in those few steps.

I want to see that everyone that wants to start a nonprofit is able to succeed in doing that. Together, with thousands of successful nonprofits around the world we can make a positive impact on the world.  If you would like a much more detailed step-by-step resource and manual on how to start a nonprofit that is an independent 501c3 nonprofit, create all the documents you need, and then run it with success, we have you covered.  I have compiled a complete set of resources and manual on how to start a nonprofit through the independent 501c3 nonprofit route, create all the documents you need, and then run it with success.  The resource is called the Simple Nonprofit Independent Manual and is 91 pages chocked full of everything from key document creation, board development, donor development, etc.  It is included in the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle that you can download here.

Other Key Documents

Once you get your Article of Incorporation filed, your EIN, and bank account established you are only a portion of the way finished to having a tax exempt nonprofit. You will want to work on Bylaws and eventually fill out and file the IRS 1023 form which will give your nonprofit tax exempt status.  You can use the sample document below to create nonprofit bylaws.

Create Bylaws

Click Here

Sample Nonprofit Bylaws

Start a Nonprofit Easily

P.S. Whether or not you decide to download the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle to help you start a nonprofit, I wanted to give you the simplest steps to start a nonprofit so you could stop searching the internet and get started. There is a lot of need in this world, and I want to personally help you start a nonprofit so you can your own difference in the world.

What you get in the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle blows away anything you would get from any other place.

I am not saying that to put other “start a nonprofit” resources down… I have searched the internet like you and there is nothing out there that remotely helps someone learn all this information in how to start a nonprofit.  It would take me weeks to teach you all this information.  I work with those like you everyday who start a nonprofit and I know how valuable this information is.

This Bundle took a long time to gain the knowledge and put it together. I am grateful I have the information to share with you to start a nonprofit and proud at how it turned out.

I honestly believe you are going to love it, I believe that so much there is a 100% guarantee that you get the help you need to start a nonprofit.

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