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Step-By-Step Not For Profit

Starting a Not For Profit

There are those all over the Internet that would discourage others from starting a not for profit , claiming that there is already too many not for profits in existence. The fact is, many of these same people who discourage others either have started their own non profit or work for a non profit. However, the needs of those less fortunate continue to grow and not enough helping them. While there may be many non profits in existence much of 80/20 rule still applies. Only 20% of the not for profit organizations in existence actually do most of the work.

My Not For Profit Experience

More than 12 years ago I started into the not for profit world not knowing anything about how to run or fund one. I wanted to spend the summer doing humanitarian work in Mexico supported solely by donors. The challenge I faced was that not many others besides my family wanted to donate money to my ambitions without being able to get a tax-deductible donation for the giving. Instantly, I was thrust into the frustrating and confusing quest of starting and learning how to run a not for profit.

Though starting a non profit can be daunting, the non profit industry has made the experience of creating a one much more difficult than it has to be. Starting and running a non profit can be a satisfying and amazing way to spend one’s life.

For many years after creating my not for profit and having great success in running it, the process of getting it started was worth the effort. With the non profit, I can go anywhere in the world, work to help those who are less fortunate, and allow people to donate to the work while receiving a tax deduction for their giving. For those in the US, the giving is tax-deductible.

Easily Start a Not For Profit

If you have the desire to become part of the 20% actually doing not for profit work, then I encourage you to start a one because there’s plenty of room for you. The fulfillment it gives a person’s life to help others is worth the effort and expense. I have also found, the challenges of creating a non profit in affordable manner, learning to fund it with a sustainable donor base, and the continual successful operation of a it does not have to be hard or expensive. Instead, I have devoted my time to helping those that want to easily create and run successful non profits. I can easily teach you how to start a non profit in no time at all. I have developed a unique bundle of resources called the Simple Nonprofit Starter Bundle you can download here. The bundle is an instant download that includes step-by-step guidance and all the resources, plus 100% support one needs to to easy start a not for profit.

Two Ways to Create a Not For Profit

Starting a non profit can be relatively simple and there are two popular ways to do so. The first is through setting up an independent 501c3 non profit. This is accomplished by incorporating a non profit corporation in the state in which you will be doing your non profit work. You will most likely want to apply for tax exempt status through the IRS which can be a lengthy and expensive process.

There is a simpler, much easier and quicker method of setting up a non profit through Fiscal Sponsorship. Fiscal Sponsorship allows you to have your non profit projects set up within the already existing structure of an independent 501c3 non profit. This process can be much quicker than setting up an independent non profit because it is the Fiscal Sponsor that makes the determination to include your non profit project.

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