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Start a Nonprofit

So You Want to Start A Nonprofit

Being involved in nonprofit work for over 20 years, I hold the belief that anyone has the ability to start a nonprofit , fund it and run it successfully. I hold this belief because I have helped thousands around the world with information and the steps to start one. It does not take special education, a certain geography or even a lot of money. It does take a determination to help a charitable cause and the motivation to start the process.

Start A Nonprofit Internet Search

Saying that, most go about learning to start a nonprofit in a difficult manner by jumping on the internet and typing in a random search term on how to start a nonprofit organization. That search leads them to a random sampling of websites that give the basic steps in the process, but does not give them one-on-one help. The other alternative they find is advertisements that promise an expensive and easy way to start a nonprofit from a companies who don’t disclose all the costs. This route is the “puppy dog” approach which lulls the organization into believing they found an easy way for starting a 501c3 . Once they start through the process they are presented with more and more options which inflate the costs. In the end, they spend as much as going to a lawyer.

It is tough to find an inexpensive option for starting a nonprofit and obtaining independent 501c3 status so that tax deductible donations can be accepted. Setting up the initial corporation is easy and most people can do that themselves. However, there is a great deal of work and a substantial filing fee involved in getting the tax deductible status.

Another route that many try is getting a lawyer to set up the charity pro bono. Some succeed, but many wait years for the attorney to find the time to give them free work.

Apart from setting up the corporation and filing for independent 501c3 status through the IRS, there is only one way to cut the costs, waiting time and hassle. That alternative is to start a nonprofit through fiscal sponsorship. Most don’t know this alternative and even if they hear the term, they don’t take the time to understand the benefits.

Most initially believe that fiscal sponsorship is a less authoritative approach to running a nonprofit where they give up more control. The fact is, fiscal sponsorship, granted by the right organization can give them more control and greater authority as a nonprofit. You can get more details about the advantages of this form of how to start a nonprofit at the article titled “Fiscal Sponsor” here on this website. Some of the benefits include reducing the risk of the start up, saving the organization money, and a huge reduction in the ongoing paperwork. Many times it can be set up in just weeks versus the months of getting approval from the IRS through the traditional means.

Help When Deciding To Start A Nonprofit

Hopefully this is one of the first articles on the internet that you have come across on your search and I have saved you a large amount of time, money and frustration is searching for an inexpensive alternative to start a nonprofit.

Now you can decide between pursuing the fiscal sponsorship route or the time and expensive route of setting up an independent 501c3. Both give you 501c3 status, but each is a very different approach. Here on this site, we give you the information to start a nonprofit either of the two ways. We also give you the option to download a quick start package that will have all the information you need for either. By taking the package option you can stop searching on the internet and begin the work to start a nonprofit.

Start Your Nonprofit the Super Easy Way and Let Us Help You Make Your Nonprofit a Success.