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Non Profit

The Unsung Heroes of the Non Profit

A non profit is essentially a business thats sole purpose is to better the world. For the last 20+ years I I have been involved in non profit work in one way or the other, and take it from me, it is a phenomenal group of people all over the world. As you can read in the post titled “IRS 501c3” about the first charitable organizations, they have been around since the time of Jesus and it is estimated there are at least 1.5 billion in the US alone. If you came to this article looking for information to start a non profit you will find that there.

My Involvement in the Non Profit

My beginning years in charitable work, I started my own so that I could do full time charity work. Yeah, not knowing anything about running a non profit I was fortunate to find fiscal sponsorship which made it easy for me to run anywhere I was in the world. Almost from the start, I began helping others to set up their own charities and learn how to fund and run it. Now over 20 years later, I have helped thousands around the world get the information and help they needed to start, fund and run a successful non profits. It’s been a great ride and I’d never trade the experience.

The best part about being involved with those focused on charity is almost everybody has a heart for others. Just when you believe you have met the person with the biggest heart, another one comes along that is bigger. Another thing that is great about those involved in charitable work is the urgency they have for anyone or anything that needs help. They are the first to act and do not stop caring until the last need is met. Sure, there are those that are in it for a job but I have spent most of my time around those that start and run their own non profit because of their compassion.

The Non Profit Hero

I have been fortunate to work alongside of some of the most caring human beings in the world. When the world is in such a broken state, hanging with those that would rather give a starving person the last piece of bread, rather than eat it themselves, does a lot to restore hope in humanity. You have mostly likely met a few of these people, if you haven’t they look like everyone else but have a big smile on their face.

This is a time when many have lost hope in the economy, our government, and the world in general. It is a time when more people than ever are hurting and in need. It is also a time when the non profit is shinning its brightest. There is no doubt, as long as there is someone who cares there will be a charitable organization in which for them to work beside.

There will never be a shortage of doomsayers who are afraid of everything, including life itself. Maybe it would be good for them to get involved in charity work themselves and focus their attention on others, rather than wasting their energy on doom and gloom. Whatever the state of the world is, I have no doubt the non profit and those who work with them will be the unsung heroes of humanity until the end of time.

There are lots of articles on this site that will give you the answers you seek on how to start a non profit organization how to start a non profit organization. So bump around and learn the right and wrong ways to start then move on to the fundraising and grant writing help we have. In no time, you will be forging your own path and becoming an unsung hero in your own right.

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