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How To Fundraise

How To Fundraise

You Want to Learn How to Fundraise?

For many in the nonprofit world, learning how to fundraise is a challenging undertaking.  However, fundraising can be easy and I believe anyone can become good at it quickly.  There are thousands of ways a nonprofit can raise funds but I stick to the belief that the simpler the better.  Simple fundraising is something that can be set up in a few hours but get lots of positive response.  One of the most important things to remember when learning how to start a nonprofit is, you have also signed up to learn how to fundraise.  It will be a large part of your activities so it is time once and for always to learn how to accomplish it and be good at it.

Your Turn to Learn How to Fundraise

First off relax and understand that almost everyone has a reason to figure out how to fundraise at some point in their life and now you are no exception.  You have been asked by someone else to donate to a cause, now it is your turn.  Don’t be concerned about rejection, it is part of learning how to fundraise.  Rejection is just a part of getting to those who will donate.  Some will donate and some won’t, to get to those that are interested you have to also find those who are not.  In sales, it is accepted that you get one sale for every rejection, now apply that to learning how to fundraise and have fun finding the rejections.  If you really want to start with baby steps you could start with a lemonade stand like in the picture.

As I mentioned, there are thousands of activities one could do to fundraise for a nonprofit, but keeping the fundraising easy makes it easy for everyone involved.  The following will give you some ideas on things you can do to learn how to fundraise like a champ.  In addition to the ideas below, think about what interests you in donating to a nonprofit.  Basically, how to fundraise involves coming up with reasons, events, or even activities that interest others to consider giving your nonprofit a donation.

Activities That Teach How to Fundraise

Donate Per Mile

One way to learn how to fundraise is by doing some activity you enjoy like running, walking, biking, swimming or even ironing.  Individually or in a group set a date when you will walk, run, bike or swim a certain distance.  Collect promises from people that they will donate a certain amount of money for each mile or lap you complete.  A more creative activity is ironing clothes for people and them donate money per item of clothes you iron for them.

Odd Jobs and Yard Care

Mowing yards, sweeping walks, raking leaves and shoveling snow from driveways are easy impromptu way to do chores for donations. This teaches you how to fundraise while doing chores that take very little skill.

Yard Sale

A simple method of learning how to fundraise is to have friends, family or anyone let you sell their unwanted items at a yard sale.  It might even be possible to give those that donate items a tax deductible receipt for the items then sell the items for cash, like a Thrift Store.

Spaghetti Dinner

Five dollars in ground beef, spaghetti sauce, pasta and a bread for garlic toast will feed eight people.  Stick with that number of guests or double it for a dinner party of sixteen.  By throwing a dinner party you can have a captive audience for at least an hour but most likely the night.  That will give you plenty of time to persuade all that attend to get involved in your nonprofit, you could even suggest a $10 donation for attending.  If you want to scale the party to two hundred, find a church dining hall and for $125 you could have two hundred on board.  You might even find a restaurant or grocery store willing to donate the food.  This way figuring out how to fundraise is as simple as feeding people some food.

Bake and Craft Sale

Bake and craft sales are easy if you get several to pitch in for the baking or crafts and contact your local grocery store to allow you to use their front sidewalk.

Lemonade Stand

Everyone understands this and there are free printables for your very first lemonade stand over at

Learning How to Fundraise Can Be Fun

As you can see from the items above, learning how to fundraise does not have to be hard or complicated. Once you start with something it becomes much easier with each one.  If you can get friends and family involved you can have a few hundred donors in no time.  Just a few hundred donors giving $20 per month adds up to over four thousand a month, which is more than enough to pay salaries and expenses.

When learning how to fundraise, the biggest challenge can be learning how to make it fun.  Money is never the problem but the key is learning to give value in relationships and  More detailed information on fundraising including more event ideas and how to do successful large fundraising events can be found in the “Simple Fundraising” book.  Learning how to fundraise can be one of the highlights of running a nonprofit.

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