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Fundraising Expert Program

For over 15 years we have helped thousands easily start a nonprofit, learn to fund it and run it successfully. Now, its your turn, download the bundle to start a nonprofit today.

As stated many times in my fundraising help articles, fundraising is vital to a nonprofit’s success. There are hundreds of different ways to find funding for a nonprofit however some are better and quicker than others. In an effort to help anyone learn to fundraise well, Simple has launched an exclusive member’s only Fundraising Expert training program.

Fundraising Expert Program

If you are serious about learning how to get all the fundraising your nonprofit needs then you will want to sign up for the Fundraising Expert Program where over the next months we equip you and your nonprofit through starting with the basics and then moving into advanced fundraising for your nonprofit. We are pulling out all the stops to teach you everything you need to know and do to fundraise successfully. We hope you will follow along with us as we roll out the most comprehensive resource available to learn fundraising.

Fundraising Can Be Easy

As the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink,” also applies here. We are going to produce and make available the resources to step you right through the process of fundraising for your nonprofit. However, it is your decision to accept the help or not.

Fundraising is going to be the single largest factor determining the success of your nonprofit. To have successful nonprofit you are going to have to learn it someplace and sometime. Why not jump onboard as we walk you right through the process and become a fundraising expert securing the success of your nonprofit?

Fundraising Activities

Fundraising for a nonprofit can be packaged in various ways including but not limited to online fundraising, fundraising events, grant writing and fundraising through businesses and individuals. None of these ways are self-sufficient on their own however, used together they form a stable fundraising strategy for a nonprofit. Learning how to combine these fundraising help methods together in a winning combination is a powerful resource and can give your nonprofit the financial ability to reach its charitable purpose.

Never Wonder Again

If you want to learn once and for all the skills to become an expert fundraiser for your nonprofit, then this exclusive training is your ticket.  This training is only available through a subscription.  I have developed this training to walk you step-by-step through the process to quickly, easily and effectively developing a solid fundraising program for your nonprofit.  You will never have to wonder again if you are doing everything you can to raise the funding your nonprofit needs.

As a member, each week you will get a step-by-step lesson that walks you straight through a fundraising method.  In addition, you will get member only articles, tips and how-to videos to teach you how to be a pro at fundraising.  Anytime you need support, I am here to help you.  This training takes you through easy and quick online fundraising strategies as well as teaching you how to be excellent at fundraising events and other methods of fundraising.   I am constantly developing this program and walking you through it as we go so all the up-to-the-minute strategies will be covered.

There is not another fundraising training program out there.  How many times has someone offered to mentor you and walk side-by-side with you through fundraising for your nonprofit?  Most likely never.  By becoming a part of this exclusive, member-only group, you will have the guidance and edge you need to find the funding your nonprofit needs.

Don’t wait another day to begin developing solid fundraising programs and strategies for your nonprofit.

The Fundraising Expert Program Includes:

  • Member Only Access
  • Weekly step-by-step lessons in fundraising
  • Member Only Articles and Tips by email
  • Member Only Discounts and Resources
  • How-to videos walking straight through fundraising
  • FREE copy of “Simple Fundraising” book
  • Access to on-going training
  • 100% Support

The Fundraising Expert Program is subscription based, member-only training.  Just $37 per month gets you access to a gold mine of fundraising knowledge and help.

We know fundraising, and we want to teach you everything we know.

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