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If you need a quick and easy way to raise a few dollars or thousands of dollars online try CrowdFunding.

Whether you are just starting a nonprofit or already have one up and running, a new type of online giving called CrowdFunding can be a very important factor in raising successful donations.  The day and age has arrived where most people go online for shopping, directions, and even banking.  For several years many have also begun to prefer to pay their bills, make their investments and send their donations online.

Online Giving is becoming one of the most important tools for developing fun and exciting giving that a nonprofit can add to their arsenal.  I say arsenal because the battle for donations is real and everything a nonprofit can do to convenience the donor is vital. Crowdfunding equips a nonprofit with the ability to accept credit card donations from donors.  In addition, an online giving site allows the donor the convenience of giving donations online even at 2AM in the morning.

CrowdFunding Is Fun

A popular and fun way for a nonprofit to raise funds online is called CrowdFunding.  CrowdFunding is where a nonprofit puts up an ongoing or one time need, complete with details and pictures and invites others to help them reach their financial goals.  As people give the online giving page tracks the progress and invites people to get their friends involved in helping the organization reach their goal.  Hence the term CrowdFunding because the funding is achieved by a crowd of friends, family and their acquaintances all getting involved to meet the need.

CrowdFunding Is Easy

By setting up an online CrowdFunding site, it makes it easy for a nonprofit to have multiple projects that others can fund while keeping it easy for others to keep up-to-date on the progress and invite their friend’s involvement.  In a matter of minutes, a nonprofit can sign up, create the donation web site, share the link with friends and begin collecting donations.  In addition, the nonprofit receives online giving results in real time so you know exactly how your fundraising project is doing.

With a CrowdFunding site, anytime a nonprofit needs to raise a few dollars or thousands of dollars it is quick and easy to create a new project and begin sharing the link.  Once donations are made they are instantly accessible and a small fee is taken out for use of the site.  There is no simpler way to raise funds online.  In fact, an organization does not even need nonprofit status to start CrowdFunding, it is available to anyone to raise funds for just about anything.

Start Your CrowdFunding Site Today

Whether you have a nonprofit or you are just working on putting one together and need the funds to get it started a quick CrowdFunding site may just be the answer to finding those funds.  The great thing about the site I recommend is there is no start up fee and you only pay a small admin fee on each donation when one is made.  That is super convenient.  You can even connect your site to FaceBook and Twitter so your friends, family and others do most of the sharing for you.

No Experience Necessary and Nothing to Lose

It does not matter if you are the type that loves to fundraise or the type that is a bit intimidated at fundraising, online fundraising evens the playing field.  Because there is no upfront fees, you have nothing to lose by trying it.  If you need to start a nonprofit then the page you want is Start a Nonprofit.  If you are wanting to raise funds the easy and fun way then CrowdFunding just might be the answer you have been looking for.

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