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Christmas Donation

christmas donation

Nonprofit Christmas Donation

Christmas is that time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to giving to others and especially a Christmas donation.  33% of all donations happen in the month of December, is your nonprofit poised and ready with fundraising programs and the tools to raise a third of your funding for the year?

Christmas is a special time of year not only for what the season represents but because people’s hearts are open to giving to others instead of themselves.  A Christmas donation makes every heart glad from the donor to the recipient that is impacted.  The world is one step closer to being a better place just because of one Christmas donation.

Christmas Donation Readiness

The nonprofit has a level of responsibility to be ready to receive a Christmas donation and especially end of the year donations.  First people have to know the nonprofit even exists.  Without public awareness for your nonprofit, there will be no donations. Once someone learns about your nonprofit, the nonprofit needs to have several ways an individual or business can contribute.  Of course people need to be able to make a Christmas donation by the traditional means of check, credit card, or cash.  In addition, people might like to contribute in non-traditional ways.

Christmas Donation Alternatives

Having several fundraising programs in place make it easy for someone who wants to contribute a Christmas donation, to do so with several options.  For example, Charity Choice allows a person to buy gift cards and give them to others as Christmas gifts.  This way the donor can give the gift of charity benefiting both the nonprofit, the recipient of the gift and the person they give the Christmas gift to.

Another way someone could contribute a donation to a nonprofit is by contributing money or goods toward something the nonprofit needs.  For example, say the nonprofit needed a website, business cards, and a brochure.  The donor could make a Christmas donation by paying for the design and printing of those materials.  This helps a donor see the value of the donation by contributing tangible items.
I believe people genuinely want to give donations to nonprofit, especially those that can prove the worth of what they do.  However, the majority of nonprofits do not do a great job of engaging the donor and allowing them to be a part.  Likewise, it is confusing to many donors exactly how their donation will be used to accomplish the nonprofit’s mission statement.  Many donors would rather give something tangible,  gift cards or donations toward a tool the nonprofit can use is a way the nonprofit can give the donor hard evidence on how there donation will be used.

Christmas Donation Determination

With around 33% of yearly donations happening around December and Christmas donation, the nonprofit would be wise to give concerted effort to having as many creative ways someone could give both to and through the nonprofit.  Whether someone wanted to give a donation, a gift card that benefited the nonprofit, or possibly even unused cell phone through the Trade2Save program, the nonprofit should be ready.

The Christmas donation time is not a time for the nonprofit to go on vacation, but instead engage donors with gusto.  Even if that means standing in front of grocery stores selling $5 gift cards for others to give as presents, stay focused.  Especially at Christmas, people want to give but it is up to the nonprofit and its volunteers to be visible and ready to accept the donations.  For more ideas to engage donors in a Christmas donation, see the Fundraising Programs page.

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