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About Starting a Nonprofit

For over 15 years we have helped thousands easily start a nonprofit, learn to fund it and run it successfully. Now, its your turn, download the bundle to start a nonprofit today.

Simple Nonprofit was created by Scott Michael Ringo the founder and owner of the Ocean Grand collection of companies to help those starting a nonprofit.  Simple Nonprofit is a complete information and assistance resource for those interested in Starting a nonprofit, funding and running a successful non profit.

Starting a Nonprofit Can Be Easy

Many spend countless hours searching the internet, books and forums trying to figure out the best way when starting a nonprofit.  However, thousands around the word have found the information on starting a nonprofit and all the help they need at Simple  Over the last 15 years Scott Michael Ringo has compiled all the information in one place and coupled that with his expert help to make starting a nonprofit easy.

Starting a Nonprofit Can Be Quick

There is nothing difficult in starting a nonprofit.  The difficulty is figuring out the steps and information on how to starting a nonprofit.  By putting all the information on one web site while adding to that help from real people that you can talk to, Simple Nonprofit is one of the most helpful resources in starting a nonprofit on the internet.

Starting a Nonprofit Is Fun

Running a nonprofit can be a challenging undertaking.  However, if starting a nonprofit is easy and then learning how to fund it and run it is as easy, then nonprofit work can be fun.  Simple brings all that together in an easy to understand way and has a genuine interest in seeing your nonprofit be a success.  Any site on the internet can offer you a bunch of information, however, not many give you personal help starting a nonprofit and make the process easy, quick, affordable and fun.  The only reason Simple does what it does is to help those starting a nonprofit and then running it do it with success.

The Easiest Help in Starting a Nonprofit

The quickest help in starting a non profit is by downloading the Non Profit Starter Bundle which, is a step-by-step guide through the process of starting a nonprofit and setting it up.  Thousands have used the bundle when starting a nonprofit and you can see their comments by looking at the bottom of the bundle page.  The bundle is also 100% guaranteed that you will get the help you need.

Who is Scott Michael Ringo?

Simple and Ocean Grand is content is produced by Scott Michael Ringo, an entrepreneur who has owned over 10 companies and 4 nonprofits. Scott has had more than 24 years experience providing Strategic Development, Management Solutions, Sales Development, and Marketing in diverse business settings. He have extensive background and Senior Level Management in regards to Strategic Business Development, Key Account Management, Marketing, Sales, and implementation of various projects in the U.S., South America, and the Caribbean. Scott has also had major experience in internet companies and connecting them, visioning them, and helping them to be cutting edge around the world.

An Entrepreneur of ideas, innovation, creativity and solutions. Scott is committed to innovation no matter what the challenge and brings fresh and inspirational solutions and strategies. Many rely on him for the most difficult challenges and the most intricate ventures.

Through his work at Ocean Grand he helps people achieve the bigger picture and get the information they need when starting a nonprofit. He lives intentionally to create value for others and then expects opportunity from that value. He is a legacy builder and wants to help you build your legacy and the legacies of others and their organizations especially when starting a nonprofit.

Scott is passionate about new ventures and the challenges they face each day. Nothing is more exciting for him than working on a challenge and matching it with a custom solution, strategy, buyer or seller. Whether it takes vision casting, futurist trending, strategic alignment, high level connecting, or some other means, he solve difficult problems everyday and thrives on it.

Ocean waves constantly crash on the beach transforming, creating, renewing, and expelling that which did not make it. Each morning the beach and sand are pristine ready for that day’s events and then the cycle starts again.  This image is an allegory of what Scott enjoys doing with his days in the profit and non profit world.

Very few things are as relaxing as lying in the sun listening to the crystal topaz waves as they crash endlessly on a lush sandy beach. The oceans of the world connect every continent, and since the beginning of time her shores bring life to all they touch. Even her tidal pools are teaming with life and creation.

Scott is a highly motivated and vision-oriented team player with abilities to communicate, lead, and successfully build strong teams to accomplish objectives. He is consistent in bringing balance, teamwork, individual creativity, challenging work, and a stable environment to projects. In each company which Scott has been involved He has brought results whatever the task. He loves start-up ventures and thrives on the challenge and innovation required to build start-ups.

Scott has also been extensively involved in nonprofit work throughout his life. In the last 15 years he and his wife have founded four personal nonprofit organizations and hundreds of projects for others that focus on philanthropy, nonprofit start ups, and humanitarian work around the world.  Ocean Grand was launched to help others in fulfilling their dreams, ideas and projects worldwide in the nonprofit arena.

Scott has donated many years of his life to helping those who cannot help themselves. He has an equal balance of passion for both business and ventures that will make the world a better place. His dream is to change the world to care more about those that lack everyday essentials. He has been involved in humanitarian and social projects in many developing countries.

He draws on his experience and passion for the nonprofit business to teach others how to build and manage successful non profits.
Ocean Grand’s and Simple’s History

In 1997, Ocean Grand and Simple’s founder, Scott Michael Ringo, was traveling the Amazon region of South America procuring contracts for an import/export business that he ran from the Caribbean.  Busy with appointments, a local business contact hurried him from one area of Belem, Brazil to the other.  This day was no different than any other day in his travels in developing countries, and throughout the day less fortunate people met him on the street as he got in and out of the car and asked for money or food.

Just like many other trips to the region, being too busy to help the people who were in such desperate need tugged all day on his heart.  Midday, as they pulled away from an appointment, a man’s hand pressed against the car window and slid down its length in desperation just inches away from Scott’s face as they pulled away.  That day in that minute, Scott decided he was going to focus more of his time on those that needed his help and not his business.

Since that day, the non profit organizations that Scott has started for himself and others and the non profits that he has been involved in have been helping those who cannot help themselves.  Simple not only focuses on helping these people but goes one step further in empowering others to take steps to find their own ways of helping others.

Simple Nonprofit’s Purpose

Simple Nonprofit exists to help those starting a nonprofit to get it started easily, fund it well and run it successfully. Starting a nonprofit is not an easy task however, with the help of Simple Nonprofit, the task can be much easier.  Instead of For those starting a nonprofit, a simple download, and they have all the information they need at their fingertips to get begin starting a nonprofit.

Start Your Nonprofit the Super Easy Way and Let Us Help You Make Your Nonprofit a Success.